London Race Action Plan (LRAP) work stream update Jan 2024

London Race Action Plan (LRAP) work stream update Jan 2024

On the 30th of January 2024, Ehre Productions attended a London Race Action Plan (LRAP) monthly workstream engagement meeting hosted at the prestigious New Scotland Yard. The event, orchestrated with precision by the dedicated outreach team, unfolded with a comprehensive agenda:

  • Introductions
  • LRAP Work Stream 1 Update
  • LRAP Work Stream 2 Update
  • LRAP Work Stream 3 Update
  • LRAP Work Stream 4 Update
  • Communication Strategy Update
  • LRAP Lead Update
  • Any Other Business and Q&A

Our enthusiastic team was fully engaged throughout the event, actively participating in discussions and absorbing the latest updates from each LRAP work stream. The insightful presentations on communication strategy and LRAP lead updates further enriched our understanding of the initiative.

Inspired by the discussions and armed with newfound knowledge, Ehre Productions is excited to announce that we have strategically adjusted our marketing outreach plans. The LRAP event provided valuable insights that will enhance the effectiveness of our outreach efforts, aligning them with the broader goals of promoting diversity and inclusion.

As we move forward, Ehre Productions remains committed to contributing meaningfully to initiatives like LRAP and supporting the overarching objectives of fostering an inclusive and equitable community.