Media Production

We provide a wide range of media production services to businesses, NGOs and other corporations.

Our services include the production of creative content, pre-post production services, live streaming, documentaries, interviews, and TV shows. We have been part of multiple European and International TV Channels in many ways. 

Creative Content

We create highly creative and visually stunning media content that helps our clients to reach the target audience. The creation of creative content is crucial for both big brands and small businesses.

With creative video and online advertising content, website visitors are engaged and encouraged to take action. You must constantly provide fresh content to keep your clients connected with your… more

Broadcast & Live Streaming

We live-stream your content on all major video-sharing platforms. Live shows, Events, Interviews, or any nature of the content is streamed in HD quality. Ehre Productions offers complete, affordable live streaming services for our clients.

We live-stream anything from a small one/two camera event to an event with eight camera positions, depending on the specifics of your event and your needs. In addition, we offer live portable... more

TV Productions

Launching a web-based channel or need creative work done for TV? Contact us. Documentaries, Interviews & TV Shows are effective ways to highlight case studies, character portraits, and important events.

With these, we help people understand the impact and importance of your work. We have been part of multiple European and International TV Channels. We produced and were part of many docum... more

Corporate Media

Video creation has now become an effective strategy for every marketing and communication plan. It increases conversion rates, gets people interested in your brand, and helps customers decide what to buy.

Ehre Productions provides a wide range of corporate media services, from promos to conference filming. We offer our media production services for corporate promos, exhibitions, case studies... more

Media Consultancy

With our consultancy, you will make the impact, engagement, and ROI. The media world is changing continuously. How do you contact your target audience and get noticed?

Whether you are new to digital media or an expert, we assist you with planning what material to create, understanding how to distribute it, and coming up with solutions that fit your budget constraints... more